The Ultimate De-Icer/Anti-Icer

SAFE-WALK began producing de-icer in the fall of 2000 in Buffalo Center, Iowa. We currently market a granular de-icer and liquid anti-icer under the SAFE-WALK name.

These products are a new generation of de-icer, which address both the consumer demands for environmental safety and yet deliver state of the art effectiveness. The SAFE-WALK products carry an effective working temperature of -15 degrees F, which provides an extremely competitive edge against existing products in the marketplace. Our objective is to offer retailers the opportunity to present a value-added product line, not only to perform beyond their customer’s expectations, but to also enhance the marketing efforts of the nation’s corn producers. We've chosen product features like color enhancement to aid in effectiveness and application.

SAFE-WALK’s unique, all-natural hard crystalline structure has real traction benefit that works without leaving high volumes of inert residue to clean up or track inside.

The retail granular package sizes are 50 lb. bag, 34 lb. reusable pail, and 25 lb. bag. The retail package sizes for liquids are 2.5-gallon jug and 1-gallon jug. We also market an array of applicators for these products. SAFE-WALK products are marketed nationally from the company's headquarters in Buffalo Center, Iowa. Dealer and distributor inquires are invited.