Granular- Spreadable

SAFE-WALK,the ultimate de-icer, is an all-natural, all-in-one crystal containing potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium chloride. Our homogenous crystal also contains over 60 trace minerals and micronutrients to help neutralize the effects on the environment. These crystals are mined from one of only two known deposits in the world. The U.S. deposit has an estimated usage supply of over 500 years. Our SAFE-WALK granular de-icer is coated with our SAFE-WALK liquid, which is a patent pending renewable resource derived from corn blended with magnesium chloride This liquid de-icer also acts as an anti-bonding agent and separating force between ice/snow build-up and the surface, allowing for easy removal. Liquid SAFE-WALK gives the granular a quicker response time and a wider effective working temperature range, down to 15 degrees below zero. The unique color of SAFE-WALK granular attracts heat, again giving SAFE-WALK better melting performance. This color also aids in visual verification of application. Because of its hard crystalline structure, trace minerals and grit, SAFE-WALK will provide instant traction where applied. SAFE-WALK is a proven lower corrosive operative on aluminum, steel, and painted surfaces than traditional salt-based de-icers. All of this is available without leaving large amounts of inert residue to clean up or track indoors.

Granular sizes: 2000 lb. tote, 50 lb. poly. bag, 34 lb. reusable pail, 25 lb. poly. bag.

Liquid and Granular Applicators available

Liquid- Sprayable

Liquid SAFE-WALK, the ultimate de-icer/anti-icer, is specifically engineered to melt ice and snow quickly at temperatures as low as 15 degrees below zero. This product is all-natural and derived from corn and magnesium chloride, both renewable resources. Liquid SAFE-WALK penetrates through ice and snowpacks breaking the bond between surface and build-up. This allows for effortless removal of dangerous and bothersome ice and snow. Liquid SAFE-WALK, when used as an anti-icer, creates an invisible layer on your surfaces ensuring the bond between the surface and ice and snow doesn't occur. This product does all of this while still being safe for your surfaces,safe for your vegetation, and safe for you and your pets.

Liquid sizes: 300 gallon tote, 55 gallon drum, 2.5 gallon jug,1 gallon jug.