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My customers use SAFE-WALK in ways they would otherwise use corrosive salts and chemical de-icers. I’ve got customers spraying the liquid on everything from sidewalks to parking lots; at businesses, schools, hospitals and even a nursing home. They spread the granules under ice-bound vehicles, on church steps and down the driveway. It really is a comprehensive consumer product.

Rod Bertsche
Stollers International
Minonk, IL

“We started carrying SAFE-WALK in 2000 and have had phenomenal success and growth with this product. Customers now come in and ask for this by name and will accept nothing else. The product is safe, effective and being corn based, it hits what we are all about.

Shane Keefer
Shoppers Supply, Buyer
Spirit Lake, IA
Spencer, IA
Algona, IA
Spencer Ace Hardware, Spencer, IA

We are a farming community and our customers like supporting farmers by using a product made with corn. They also like the dark coloring because they don’t over apply the de-icer."

Jerry Houglum
Jerry’s Ace Hardware
Kenyon, MN

Wow, SAFE-WALK made from corn is great. The longer it sits the easier it is to remove.

Miss Nel M. Schweiss
St. Paul, MN

After using SAFE-WALK the first time I was amazed at the way it worked. I only used half of the container one year, and the product was as good as new the next.

Lucas Miller
Kanawha, IA